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Yo! Donna!! ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Lady*Donna*~ DJ...

Yep! I'm here! *LOL* And Yep! You *should* check that page thing more often! *S*

Re the movie: I wonder why Jodie Foster isn't doing it??? That would have been GREAT! I think it's nice when the actors reprise their roles in sequels (or prequels). It makes for a more cohesive experience. I don't want to have to get use to new faces in the same roles! LOL

Re the weather: I figured it would be GREAT!

Re the class: Are you serious??? OMG! The Professor contacted you to tell you that you were ousted because you didn't hand in one assignment??? LOL Didn't he ask you first if everything was alright? I mean, what if you had been sick or something??? I was right down to the wire with mine. I always send it in on Saturday and I suppose I really should send it in earlier. Do you want me to send you copies of the notes?


~*The Journey Inward*~

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