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SPACE COWBOYS Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Saw a good movie this evening with my 18-year-old son, a geezer movie at that.

Starring, and produced by, the 70-year-old Clint Eastwood, and co-starring several equally old-timers whose names, as usual, I forget. One (James Garner, I just remembered; the Alzheimer's, y'know) played Maverick, another (aha! Donald Sutherland) was in MASH.

At any rate, it opens in 1958, the year some of us graduated Curtis H.S. Opening scenes are in black and white, naturally, just as it wuz in real life back then. I'd forgotten that Curtis was done in black and white. Color didn't come in until later. At least that's how I tried to explain it to Rick. Movies were in color then, but not TV.

Then the movie switched to color, for the present-day action.

It seems a Cold War era Russian satellite with a U.S. operating system (!), has gone out of control and NASA needs to get the original engineers from 1958 who designed the American original to go up and fix the thing. These four designers, the "space cowboys," are forty years down the road, now, and they generate a lot of fun along the way to their rocket rendezvous way up high.

Rick liked it a lot.

I liked it. Especially the line about "designed by some MIT weenie with blow-dried hair," which made Rick squirm.

Some of you might get a kick out of watching the old guys climb back into the saddle for one more big roundup in the sky. "The Ripe Stuff," was one of the better lines.


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