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JAUNDICE Ken Parese PoTown Harry...almost 100% correct! Not only the jobs, but there's not a single CE manufacturer left in the USA. That's the point.

There was a strong stench of conflict of interest of ITC officials and their stock holdings in the very same off-shore manufacturers who were "dumping" their products at very low costs into the US Consumer Electronics marketplace. (Due to Japanese governmental $$ subsidy of private
enterprise "dumping").

Zenith appealed to the no avail. The rest is history.

Competition is long as it's on a fair, level playing field.

Am I "jaundiced", rs? You betcha!!! But not for nothin'! Am I angry, perhaps! But that is always channeled to intellectually impart the experiences to open others' eyes.

Doesn't matter much who contradicts or controverts....facts are facts, troots are troots...and troots will prevail during cross-examination.

KP in PK

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