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Reunion on Staten Island George Jaenicke grjaenicke

When I heard that Rich Tutu was going to be on Staten Island this week I got in touch with him and asked if we could get together for lunch. He agreed and we met today at Jimmy Maxís on Watchouge Rd.

Rich and I graduated from McKee together in 1963. we hadnít seen each other or had any contact since we reunited last year on the SI-Web. We met and recognized each other at once. I donít know how, we are both a bit grayer and paunchier than we were in 1963. well as Staten Islanders do, we picked up as though 37 years were yesterday.

Rich likes Italian food so Jimmy Max was a good choice for lunch. We spent the best part of two hours talking about everything from the people we went to school with, computers and of course people and posts on the SI-Web. We both agreed that neither of us have ever personally met many of the people here, that it is certainly an extended family to both of us. There is a special bond and friendship that develops here, something very unique to this site. Sure there are disagreements and even some that turn into arguments, but all in all this is a premiere collection of people.

Well lunch came and went Rich had a couple of fingers of his favorite mouthwash with the meal, and before you knew it, it was time to leave. He may be back on SI in September and I am looking forward to lunch or dinner with him again.


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