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JAUNDICE Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Well, GRJ, you've just demonstrated that you're not one to shy away from controversy. Good for you.

For half a second I misread Bill Gates as Bill Clinton until I realized no one here wuz likely to nominate him for anything but the tar-and-feather route outta town.

So I'm gonna nominate him, right, Bill Clinton, not for the dumb things, but for presiding over the last eight years of good whatever, just as Bill Gates presided over the burgeoning computer industry. In other words, these guys become symbols of everything good that went on while they occupied the leader's seat. As for the bad, we shunt that off to the side on the theory they're only human, after all.

I'm sure Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln had their human shortcomings, but we tend not to dwell on that.

Hell, maybe someday we'll be erecting statues to George W or Al Gore, if either of them ever does anything good.


PS: Richie, wheredahellareya, this stuff is right up your alley.

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