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JAUNDICE Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs KP wrote:

"...economically we're off course (see the details on "Gathering, Do Labor Unions..?"). We've lost two
major industries, Consumer Electronics and Automotive due to UNFAIR off-shore competition...we need to make course
corrections to this; our educational system is in a shambles and it, too, needs a course correction."

That's the sort of jaundiced view that prompted the initial posting in the first place. Here's why.

It's too easy to say "economically" we're in bad shape. It also ignores the fact that the economy has been surging so long and so much that the Fed is having trouble raising interest rates fast enough to rein it in. Any observation so broad as to fail to mention the good along with the bad seems way too one sided to be taken as a serious, or usable, observation.

Same goes for "Consumer Electronics" and "Automotive." We've lost them, KP says.

I'm not sure we've lost anything. Daimler bought, or merged with Chrysler. We sell cars all over the world. They sell theirs here.

Computer component manufacturing and assembly is done overseas, but Silicon Valley reaps in the dough here.

If you tell me that getting into the details is too tough a job for anyone other than a world trade expert, I'd agree with you. But that doesn't mean sweeping generalizations such as we "lost" something that was never ours to keep are any more correct or worthwhile.

If an American business exec decides he can manufacture more cheaply overseas, what have I lost? American jobs is one answer. But other American jobs have been created in the process. But look at all the dislocation of jobs and Americans.

True, but that's an old story, and very hard to prevent. There oughta be a law? What law? What should it say?

I'd really like to see someone tell me how it was we lost something that we sold,or how an entire industry or institution has gone haywire, than to be told, "the whole thing is shot." That doesn't really say anything about the industry or institution.

It says worlds about jaundice, however.


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