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Whoa! When you sent me the email telling me about the virus I thought NO WAY! But then I did have to admit that I'd sent a few emails the last couple of days and the people I sent them to didn't get them. One of those people was one of my brothers though and since he had just this week gotten online and was new to everything, I figured he didn't know how to open his mail! LOL Anyway, I ran Norton Anti Virus on my puter last night and I DID have one! It was a Trojan Horse. Man was I upset and did I feel badly about the email I sent you. I rarely SEND emails so thank goodness not many others at all were effected...but I did email *you* so for that I both apologize and THANK YOU! I don't know WHEN I got the virus nor HOW, but it's gone now. If you didn't tell me that my computer had it, heaven only knows what it would or could have infiltrated.

It had to be something I got around the end of last week though because prior to that I had no trouble! I didn't really have any trouble now either though. It was just that some people said that they didn't get my email. I betcha their ISP's ran an antivirus scan on the mail and found the virus and deleted it.

Do you think that's what happened?

I did scan everything now and it is all clean. Would you trust an email from me now or would you prefer I write the message in here???

Again....I'm so very very sorry! I swear to you that I truly didn't know. I was a victim of it myself. I'd love to figure out the little sucker who sent it to ME! Then again, it could be someone as innocent about having it as I was.


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