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JAUNDICE Ken Parese PoTown On 08/04/2000 1:18:00 AM, FawCawnahs wrote:

rs - "Anyone can see the great ones of the past. They're the ones wit' da monuments. They're all dead. The trick is to see the great ones of today."

KP- Ah...a DO we determine who the living great ones are? Share the trick with us!

rs - "Yeah, we've got our problems, but I
don't think we're either off course...."

KP - We agree to disagree...economically we're off course (see the details on "Gathering, Do Labor Unions..?"). We've lost two major industries, Consumer Electronics and Automotive due to UNFAIR off-shore competition...we need to make course corrections to this; our educational system is in a shambles and it, too, needs a course correction.

KP from PK

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