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JAUNDICE Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs On 08/03/2000 10:40:00 PM, PoTown wrote:
>Another provocative post, rs.

>The great ones who see what
>needs to be done are in our
>not-too-distant future.

Anyone can see the great ones of the past. They're the ones wit' da monuments. They're all dead.

The trick is to see the great ones of today.

>It is my strong belief that we
>will heal as a nation and
>recover the vitality that has
>been our hallmark.

Healing and vitality, that is the question.

Yeah, we've got our problems, but I don't think we're either off course or in any great danger of sinking any time soon.

We're probably just muddling through.

We're not used to peace and prosperity, mind you.

We'll probably have to start a war on someone or something before we know what we're against, so we can all pull together.

Any idea what we're for?


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