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JAUNDICE Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs What I'm hearing is that "special interests" are bad and "few have the passions and courage to "dare to be different"."

How come what the other guy wants is a "special interest" but what we want is "for the good of the country?"

How come a guy who dares to be different is a (take your pick) "do-gooder" "Communist," "the dreaded "L" word, i.e., Liberal," etc, while the other guy is a hide-bound Conservative, unwilling to see different views, etc.

Fact of the matter is, no matter what side of an issue you come down on, guys on the other side are going to call you names, and throw mud. That's politics.

So whaddya do?

Gather some support (there's safety in numbers) and do the best you can to tell it as you see it, and if you don't get rewarded on Earth, maybe you will in Heaven.

So, as they say in baseball, don't give up, keep on pitchin.'


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