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JAUNDICE Neal Mulligan neal Your so right Bob. So lets see:

If you what to avoid being disillusioned don't hold illusions;

Logic is not truth and the most carefully compiled rhetoric will never make it truth,
Justice is blind, Ray Charles is blind, ergo Ray Charles is Justice;

All people lie,especially those who want to influence us, it is up to us to keep that in mind and behave accordingly;

Facts are almost always untruthful, they seldom tell the story, they are often incorrect;

It use to be said, Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear. With TV that's no longer sound advice.

I am a political conservative. I read the National Review, The New York Post, and a few lesser known journals. I seldom listen to talk shows. I accept what these journals print if it interests me, but I never believe it's the truth. I try not to believe it's the truth.


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