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Do Labor Unions Have too Much Power Ken Parese PoTown (("Our educational system is in shambles, our work ethic is mediocre and our manufactured products are inferior to off-shore manufacturers."))

Here's the basis for what was said, Dan...

* We created the manufacturing system for high productivity and quality (quality circles) and literally abandoned the system in favor of high-productivity and union "over-protectiveness" of workers with governmental sanctioning.

* The Japanese (off-shore manufacturers)stole our quality system and put it to work very effectively, efficiently and at less than competitive cost AND the Japanese government underwrites efforts to compete globally. The proofs are the success stories of Toyota and Honda. Year after year after year they are #1 and #2 in the marketplace.

* Another sad, but true proof is that we are hard-pressed to name one American Company remaining in the Consumer Electronics marketplace...TV, Audio, VCR..ALL are off-shore manufacturers.

* Now the worm is turning...the Japanese government and its economy is in deep yogurt, so the manufacturers have to find a cheaper source for labor and quality is stating to suffer. Sound familiar??

((I don't understand how Germany and most of the European countries are able to compete with us! Is it the hype that something made in Europe is supposed to be better, or is it the unfavorable tariff regulations against us?))

* The European market has been able to "blackmail" the rest of the world to somehow get everyone to conform to their's called ISO 9000.
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