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JAUNDICE Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Jaundice, as we know, is a disease that discolors the skin and whites-of-the-eyes from too much bile in the blood. Yellow is the shade.

A jaundiced view of the world, or the country, and its institutions, refers to a biased view colored by bitterness or resentment over the various imperfections and abuses seen in any human activity, especially the organized ones.

I see a fair amount of jaundice around here. It's as though the whole deal ought to be tossed and we start anew, which is unlikely to happen any time soon.

We start out as kids being taught there's "justice for all" and then find out, no, we don't really mean that. It's just an unattainable ideal. But the damage is done. We believed it to begin with, and now nothing measures up. So now we're disappointed.

It would make an interesting list, since we like lists here, to list our disappointments.

How-it-is as opposed to how-I-thought-it-wuz-gonna be.

And what do you recommend be done about it.

What would you tell your kids, or a class, about to face the same disillusionment I see displayed here in the various political discussions, so they deal with life realistically, and don't get too bitter, or jaundiced?

Just thought I'd ask.


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