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Art Arthur Anderson art-fart artnscience-(at) Rosa,
Thanks for filling me in about Kay Lande Selmer, what a small world. I was in Stavanger between 26 and 28 June. My host is a professor in the same university in Stavanger. He teaches economics in the Hotel Management school. When she sings for the immigration festival at Ellis Island my Cousin Bill Osmundsen will probably be there. He is a sculptor and wrote to me about his being involved with something related to the program. It really is a smaller world than I ever imagined. When I think about the conditions the immigrants had that caused them to leave their beautiful homeland and the challenges they faced when they got here, I can really feel it. The little cottage I visited where my grandfathers father was born in Sauda held 11 children, parents and an aunt and it only had two rooms on the first floor and two rooms on the second. There was no choice but to leave when the kids got old enough to be able to be on their own.


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