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Do Labor Unions Have too Much Power George Jaenicke grjaenicke The responses to this string seem to indicate to me, that if that poll was taken here, the results would be quite different.

Some unions have become abusive, and corrupt in the past , and as Rich stated some still are. I do believe that they still do serve a very necessary purpose in this country. I have also been on both sides of the fence in my career , originally as a union member and later as part of management. I felt a lot more secure as a union member, than I did as a supervisor. More times than not our salaries and benefits were also a direct result of what had been negotiated by the union people that worked for me. So we reaped the benefit but didn't pay the dues. We didn't have the security associated with the union jobs though.

I do think that although the power of unions has dwindled over the past twenty years or so, they will not be appreciated again until the economy takes a down swing, and it no longer stays an employees job market.
Only time will tell.


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