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Do Labor Unions Have too Much Power Dan Blaine DBLIVIT On 08/01/2000 3:51:00 AM, Bear wrote:
>I can't agree more. I have
>spent half my
>adult life as a production
>supervisor (non-
>union). I was made lots of
>promises about
>wages and bonuses, but they
>never developed.
>Now I'm a union (hourly)
>worker. I make over
>$21.00 an hour plus very
>generous benefits.
>I have more job security than
>my boss or HIS boss does.
>The truth is, if you're not
>unionized (in a good union)
>then you have absolutely no
>security. I'm 60+ yrs old.
>I'm a survivor. I've been
>there and done that and I
>expect to retire with a
>generous retirement package
>and full medical, dental and
>eye-care insurance. Who,
>reading this can say the same?

I certainly can't! When I graduated from Bay Street U I was given the old razz-ma-tazz about being in the "forefront of the space race", and that unions were only holding back scientific breakthoughs.

I swallowed the line and worked non-union my entire career. I'm now over 60 and have to fight for a tiny ($600/mo.) pension from the company I've worked for over 30 years. Most of that pension will go towards paying for group medical insurance because the new company I'm going to has a worse plan than the one I left.

BUT, let me pose this question: should non-union workers be allowed to exhume Jimmy Hoffa's body from under homeplate at Yankee Stadium?

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