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Do Labor Unions Have too Much Power Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu rs,

i don't cry wolf. as i said before, a union is only as good as it's leaders. if they are honest, have integrity, credibility and professionalism, then you will have a good union because the union leaders lead the membership.

what am i doing about it? at least i am still in there fighting not bitching about it and running. i will at least attempt to make the necessary changes from within. that's more than what most are willing to do.

as for the need for unions, yes they are needed to keep greedy corporate managers from using the average worker as a slave.

what i don't like is that as a taxpayer, i had to pay for another union election involving the teamsters. that money should have come out of the union treasury. if the membership did not like it, tough, they should have been in there throwing the crooked bums out in the first place.

bear has made a great point for the need of unions. however, a union with corrupt leaders is a cancer on the labor movement and should be cut out right down to the roots.....


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