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The java chat files have to load and they can be veryyyyyyyy slow to do so. You have to be patient. Many of us use chat often and about 2 weeks ago we started having the slowwwwwwwwwwwwer than slowwwwwwwwww problems. That was fixed a few days ago and we've been keeping track of the time it takes to join. Most do it in 4 to 10 others have a 2 min. load time which is about right depending on the browser u use, the settings, the server, the bps speed your connected at, the web traffic and a whole bunch of other things to long to explain.

AOL & PoDunk ISP users U have to be the MOST patient of's a reallllllll slowwwwww load for some of U - that's the way it is and u have AOL to thank for it.

U guys/gals gotta remember the site does get worked on & uPdated and those are the times it's not available. I for one have been very impressed with the uP time here over the past few years has OVERALL it's been GREAT. Besdies this site is NOT the ONLY one that BCCG Corp. provides - the paying ones have to come first & rightly so they should :) cause that's what keeps this SI-Web Members site donated to the community FREE by BCCG for all to enjoy.

It all starts with YOUR computer structure, processor, software, settings and YOUR dial uP Internet provider. Sooooooooooo please be considerate and stop blaming the SI Webmaster for every little thing that "doesn't happen the way or as fast as U want it to".

Let's face it we're SPOILED LOL If ya don't believe me start traveling around the net to other chat areas that are Browser connect - OHMY geo... & ya... they're jammed. Many others could make ya nuts at time too ROFL


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