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Do Labor Unions Have too Much Power Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu george, ace,

what a subject. now let me educate both of you and anyone else who wants to read this post.

unions ---

prior to my working for the federal government, i was totally anti-union. my attitude was they were controled by a bunch of left wing liberal pinko communists (the c word) and out to destroy the u.s. economy and government. all information i had in hand at the time led me to believe that....

when i started working for the u.s. government as a federal employee, i got involved in the local union representating our agency --- the american federation of government employees local 1812....

my involvement was due to a gentlemen named norman painter. i call norman a gentlemen because that is exactly what he was. his died a couple yeas ago. he was 72 years old when he finally left the agency and the union to retire. i was his successor. he got me to join the union with the understanding that it was not the "union" that was the problem but its leadership. honest leadership will give you an honest union the membership will admire and follow.

i became active and discovered that federal union have some power, but it is extremely limited. i learned how to use the limited power to represent employees who got into trouble -- sometimes accidently and sometimes deliberately.

i always kept my standards high -- telling anyone i directly represented "thou shalt not lie to me, ignore me or abuse me" that was my moto.

i help many employee and save their job and yes, i help management put some out on the street because they deserved it. i always used overwhelmingly evidence beyound a reasonable doubt while labor law said all i needed was a propondence of evidence. i held to the higher standard always giving the emplyeee the benefit of doubt, that is until i caught them lieing to me or abusing me.

anyways, labor unions are a necisity but for afge --- i will state now on this web site and any place else, the american federation of government employees national office officials, including it's president is corrutp and anti-democratic as defined under 5 u.s.c. 7111(f)(1) and 5 u.s.c. 7120 of the statue. i evidence to prove this.

however our u.s. department of labor refuses to investigate my charges as well as those filed by other people within the afge regarding corruption and anti- democratice influences.

i speak only concering the afge.

fyi, there are a number of cases before the various courts regarding ascme and the teamsters.

the only reason these as well as afge are still in business is because of money and politics.

someone want to prove me wrong, go ahead, i have documented evidence to back up my charges, only things is i don't have the funds or political influence to get a fair hearing.

i this post is more than you wanted to read, well --- nahhh i ain't gonna apologize cuz i ain't dun nuttin wrong.


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