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Now that all of you are really confused, let's go on with the painting of the ceiling panels at our favorite spot.

The painting was getting advanced at a pace that was unbelievable for Charlton Hairsuit. He stepped down off his scaffold for a rest. He realized his stomach was growling. If anyone is as hungry as I am let's all take a break and partake of some of Al's special dog's.

No one needed a prodding and they all traipsed into the main restaurant area. The local patrons were not surprised to see this influx of strange looking characters. After all the Whole Island populace were an odd looking mix anyway.
Charlton himself realized this after all. He noticed a kind of pretty dame and decided to invite her to pose in a panel. She was with a character who would really fit in for a sitting. It turned out she was someone named Vita, a telephone operator in the city and her companion a local guy who lived in Travis, formerly Linoleumville, out in the real boonies of the Island. Guess he had used a map to find his way into the place. Charlton at once noticed his tight curly, brown hair, and that he looked Italian and would be able to use him too. He had a squeeze box with him and was perfect to use as a model. If he would shut up enough to stand still and pose. He had not stopped talking for the last fifteen minutes that they were waiting for their food to arrive.
After eating their most delicious dog's and drinking their Birch Beer, Charlton invited this Vita and Nick into the other room where they were amazed to see what he had been painting on the ceiling. He asked them to step up and he arranged them as he wanted and used his imagination to outfit them as he wished.
The panel was a Hurdy-Gurdy Man and he put a monkey in the foreground(kind of had a smile like old nacl) who was holding out a red knitted cap to a lady who was the image of Vita. She had on a very tight dress which showed her figure off to perfection. No wonder the monkey looked like old nacl, LOL. The rest of the crowd all looked like the rest of the crew of visitors from the palace. This time they all looked like themselves tho. Leeza, RS, JR, Queenie in her fringee boots, Lady Charlene who had not as yet been used for a panel, and of course Dr. Sunderson and Tiny Tim and Margie and Oldtymer, and the others who had driven off in the night to Al's place.
Hmmmmmmm thought Charlton as he gazed around at all of them.
What next????

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