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Do Labor Unions Have too Much Power George Jaenicke grjaenicke The other day the web poll on Excite was: Do labor unions have too much power?

These are the results,
Do labor unions have too much power?

58% => 25251 votes

36% => 15823 votes

Don't know
4% => 1810 votes

I was a bit amazed by the results. Unions have taken quite a nose dive in their strength and power. Their loss of power truly began when Ronald Regan fired the striking Air Traffic Controllers.
I think that a large percentage of the current work force are young enough that a lot of them have never had a job in anything but the current booming economy. If you have never had to work in other than this booming economy, and have never had to struggle to find and keep a job, maybe you wouldn’t realize why unions became necessary in this country.
If it were not for unions, people would not have a 40 hour work week, health insurance, life insurance, vacation and pension benefits that they enjoy today. Most employers are not so benevolent as to grant these benefits without the pressure that a union can exert. Even non union companies are forced to grant employees benefits and wages that are competitive with those of union workers in order to maintain a work force. These people reap the benefits of unions without having to support them.
I believe that had this poll been targeted to those over 50 years old, the results would have been quite different.


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