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The most wonderful music & memories Gina * Gina on PBS right now - Boston Pops presentation of "Tango Magic"- the songs, the tunes OHMY!!! What memories.

When I was a kid (ya know day b 4 yesteryear) each night when we were doing the dinner dishes my Dad would sit in the dining/music room and read the SI Advance news of the day...before he would sit down he would put a couple of albums (the 33 & 1/3 ones) on the victrola (don't that take some of us baccckkkkk), hi fi, stereo. It would be a mix of musical entertainment/learning. He would include a classical, Broadway show tunes, pop, percussion sounds, jazz u name it, he played it (cept he didn't care for Opera too much so they were played few & farrrrrrr between) - WOW was it GREAT and even more GREAT this evening listening, remembering, knowing BUT still standing here doing the damned after dinner dishes LOL

I'm pretty sure it will play again soon. Boston Pops is presented least once per week here in So. Fla. Treat yourself & Put PBS on & listen to the Boston Pops concert's WONDERFUL - thank goodness for the BIG screen w/ surround sound it's a SUPER WOW of SOUND :))

For sure I'd rather hear them "live" but the series is a GREAT second best.


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