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Name Change - Ponderings ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Lady*Donna*~ On 07/30/2000 3:02:00 PM, Big Harry wrote:
I was named Harry Richard after my maternal grandfather.
>I always liked the name, except when I was young and
>living in an area where there were 3 seniors and a guy 4
>years older than me all named Harry. Being the youngest I
>was called "Little Harry". Big Harry

We go through the same thing in our family Harry with the "big" and "little" stuff as my Dad, one of my brothers and my brother's son are all named "Peter". "Little Peter", my nephew is 17+.....

but he'll always be "Little Peter" to us. I guess that'll change though when he has *his* little Peter. *LOL*


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