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RS asked 'Where is CharlieJ' Gina * Gina in Conference GRIPES & POLITICAL DEBATE
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On 07/27/2000 6:27:00 PM, FawCawnahs wrote:
>Where's CharlieJ? Haven't
>heard from him in awhile and
>he wuz borned on StatNisland.
G- he sure wuz BORNED on StatNisland.

Speaking of BORNED...Like several of us "SI Web dinosaurs" here, CharlieJ also started on the SI-Web right when it was an "internet embryo" with no direction or anticipation of what it's future would behold.

Remember when "The Gathering" was "borned" :)
February 11, 1996 ... what a SURPRISE!!!
Never imagined back then how it would GROW :))
Happy it did & continues to (or is it too LOL).

I e-mailed CharlieJ this morning to do a "check uP" on him & the family. The good news is "all is GOOD at the CharlieJ ranch" Charlie is in a job transition, been VERY busy. In a couple of weeks when he's all settled in his new position he'll be back :)

To quote CharlieJ's email in part:

"I should get back to 'recreation' on the computer in my off hours, instead of just more work. See ya on the web then.




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