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I'm Back, With an Observation Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs On 07/29/2000 9:05:00 PM, Ace the Punk Star wrote:

>This site, as much as I enjoy
>coming here, has become the
>domain of a chosen few. I
>enjoy going to the chat room
>to see countrygirl and edscout
>and a few others, but I think
>the rest of you are using this
>site as your own personal
>playground, so to speak. I
>don't think I've got anything
>relevant to contribute,...

See, Ace, it's like this.

You're right, this place is a personal playground. For anyone, not just a chosen few. No one chooses who gets to play. If you wanna post, you post. You wanna stay away, you stay away.

The few who stick around keep it going. The many who stay away, don't. They keep it fewer in fact.

The few don't like the lunatics any more than anyone else. This being a public playground, even lunatics show up from time to time. Sometimes more than from time to time.

That annoys the regulars, so they pipe up. When the lunatic moves on, we lighten up, like magic.

As far as you having anything to say, you just demonstrated that you did. Speaking only for me, good, keep it up, then we won't be so few. If you draw a response, great, if not, try again later. The idea is that if you say something that demonstrates the light is on inside, people will appreciate it and one or two might react in writing. More than that is gravy.


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