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New Message Counter C Connelly mcgil Gina, I've never had a problem with this before. When I've finished reading my messages, I mark all messages read. Therefore, when I sign on the next time all my new messages are those that were posted since the last time I signed off. I would double click new messages and it would bring up all the new messages. When I posted a message it would post and I would be still be in new messages in the Conference I posted it.. Now the scenario goes as follows:

I'll sign on and double click on new messages. If the last place I was before signing off last time was Gathering, it will show me all the new messages in Gathering. Let's say I go through Gathering and then move on to Nostrivia and decide to post in Nostrivia. I post the message and end up back in Gathering showing all messages. To get back to where I was before posting, I have to double click (again!) on new messages and then go back to Nostrivia.

Like I said earlier, I never had a problem like this before, but it has been happening since I've been using Explorer.


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