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I'm Back, With an Observation Brian Cullen Ace the Punk Star I noticed everybody changing their name, so I am to. The Artist formerly known as Ace328bc is now Ace the Punk Star.
I was away about 10 days as my computer crashed, and now that I come back again I see SO many complaints about who is posting what I am utterly amazed.
This site, as much as I enjoy coming here, has become the domain of a chosen few. I enjoy going to the chat room to see countrygirl and edscout and a few others, but I think the rest of you are using this site as your own personal playground, so to speak. I don't think I've got anything relevant to contribute, as I've tried to post on things interesting to me and got no response at all. That, of course, is OK. I will go to the chat room, if there is anybody there, and if I feel I can contribute anything of interest I will, but I think some of you have begun taking this site ENTIRELY too seriously. I used to enjoy reading TomDGimps postings, as he livened up the place, but I think he has given up on it. I will continue to visit, probably on a daily basis, but I'll leave the ranting and raving to all of you. Other than that, LIGHTEN UP A BIT!!
Thanks! Ace

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