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Westerleigh In The News Gina * Gina On 07/29/2000 4:34:00 PM, sir rich ladieu wrote:
>could not tell who was who in
>the picture,

I haven't a clue Rich, I only found it while searching for some articles written by a friend of mine who's a reporter for the SI Advance.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm thinking now....

During the Hurricane Andrew relief effort my reporter friend stayed here helping out many of the victims that had connection to StatNisland. The SI Advance did LOTS of coverage on the "gathering of donations" project that was facilitated from my home. A couple of months later they sent me a HUGH black n white glossy of one of the photos they had published of us on the front page. So I would say they do keep published photos on file for a later date or request.

I bet if you emailed the author of the Memories column...Mike Azzara and requested a BIGGER pic be posted or the file sent to ya for viewing if he would oblige...ya never know till ya ask. The caption under the picture does say "hoping readers can identity other Staten Islanders in the photo"

This leads me to believe U have a pretty good shot at getting the BLOWN uP version.

Let us know how U make out.


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