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Bill 602P - proposed e-mail charge by post office Gina * Gina Received a couple of e-mails bout this so called "charge"
It's been floating round the net since the early 90's each round ending with a different Attorney's name...which in fact ends uP not be the sender no the author. In most cases there "is no such attorney" Soooooooooooooooo.............

go to you friendly search engine such as or or which ever one you use and do a search for

Bill 602P

AND read the results that are returned from the search.

I do appreciate the fact that people did that the time and send me what they thought could be an "internet pocket-book uPset" and I thank you for your concern

BUTTTTTTTT from what I've heard & read Bill 602P is an "UN-TRUTH" - so please stop panicking :))

Happy Internet Days Are Still Here For Your Enjoyment :))


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