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Name Change - Ponderings ~*Donna*~ Helgeson ~*Lady*Donna*~ It's been a lot of fun this week (for the most part *LOL*) seeing all of the names everyone here has changed theirs too. It's also interesting. That's another fun/cool thing about the internet. While our names are such a big part of our lives and have such an impact on it, it's one of the few important choices that we *don't* get to make for ourselves. But, on the internet here, we CAN! *S*

I know Hollywood actors and actresses have been changing their names for eons but even then, it's pretty much "other" people, like Agents and Directors making the choices for them. Look at Norma Jean Baker/Marilyn Monroe. Those who knew her as Norma Jean describe her one way and those who knew her as Marilyn Monroe describe her another whole way.

I wonder why Samuel Clemens changed his name to Mark Twain! Does anyone know???

I wonder if we had a list of other well known people who've changed their names, and we made two lists, if we would be able to link the new ones to the style of the old ones!


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