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Rich….I think a truce would be a wonderful idea. At the very least it would be lovely if we could all at least disagree that we disagree. And yes. It’s true. Making up *is* always the fun part. Unfortunately however some people just don’t let go of their anger. They hold on to it from altercation to altercation and it builds until it's not even just a flame anymore but a full blown fire. As you said yourself, even husband and wives argue and they CHOSE to interact with one another. Those of us that come to this web site do come together as some kind of make shift group and yes we do interact with one another as we congregate and yes we do argue from time to time, but a very noteworthy point here is that we all did not “chose” to interact with each and every other participant that hangs their hat here. It’s a public place, we all have access to it and that’s the bottom line. In many ways this site is a society within a society. Theoretically, it would be wonderful if we could all meet in the middle on everything here but we all know that it’s just not a realistic possibility and so we then come to the avenue of personal choices and decisions. I have heard some of the “complaints” that others have stated. It goes without saying (or it should) that they have that right, just as I too have the right to remain steadfast in my disagreement of what they have to say as well as the manner in which they say it.

griaenicke…….I read of your disagreement with the part of my post where I stated that the “chatty” posts are not just two people talking to each other. I read it and I’m sorry but I must respectfully remain in disagreement with you over that issue. I will (of course) agree that those “Hey so and so” posts do give a first glance impression that they’re meant only for one person, but the truth of the matter is that doesn’t the fact that those posts are out there in the public or all to see and read (as well as respond too) say anything to you about the intention of the post??? I’m sorry but while that’s obviously not apparent to you, others must be getting the message because posters other than the person who started the string and the “so and so” do post in those strings. Please reread some of them and you’ll see what I mean. Also, the reason people post what you deem “personal” here at the site as opposed to saying it in private emails is because the people involved obviously presume that their post might be of some interest to the group at large. For example. There was a post by Dadoo in which he spoke of his upcoming gig. I’m not sure whether or not you find those posts interesting but I did like hearing about what was going on with him and I was also interested in a follow up to the story. So, just as he posted his original information here, I posted a question to him down the road asking him how it all went. I loved that he posted it publically so that we could all share in his news …and his joy and I thought it only befitting that the question asking about how it all went be public as well. I’m pretty sure I did post my question to him as “Hey Dadoo” but in all honesty what else was I to call it??? Also, you say that you didn’t mean your post as a personal attack and I do believe you, but whether you intentionally meant to be or not, your words are none the less very inflammatory. “Enough is enough” is a phrase which is trying to intimate that you know better than anyone else where to draw the line in a conversation. “Who Cares?” on the heels of your “enough is enough” is of the same caliber. Like I said in my other post, we've ALL got opinions. No "one" of them is better than the other. The best that we can all hope to do as a sub-society is honor the differences in one another as opposed to trying to change them. One final and important note: Some of us are more web ~savy~ then you obviously realize. While I’m sure your motives in explaining the slowness of the web site were indeed well intentioned they were not only incorrect, you had no authority to take it upon yourself to try to sanction anyone because of what you believed. This site is not slow because of the amount of posts. Text is *not* a significant drain on the system and believe it or not, while the posting of graphics *do* take up much more band width, I was even given the green light for *that*... by the Web Master... many months ago. That aside, I just want to say that over the course of time just about all of us have said some inflammatory things here….things we later regret because we said them in the heat of the moment….but please bear in mind your own responsibility in choosing appropriate words before you wave the finger of admonition at someone else.

rs…..your post was beautiful. It was a work of art actually. It came from your heart and I could tell that. It stated clearly and logically just about every nuance of this whole saga….yet you did it with feeling as well. As you said….” So we've all got to be on our toes. The calmer, the more analytic, and explanatory the post is, the better it seems to be accepted. You can tell the person is trying to be thoughtful and considerate of other's feelings.” Amen to that!!!!

I hope that I’ve been able to make myself clear on everything now. I’m really just trying to be assertive here and not at all aggressive. It’s obvious that some of you envision this site to be one way while others of us envision it another way. I will try very very hard to never deliberately hurt anyone’s feelings but as for “how” and to “whom” I’m going to post here, that is and remains… my choice ….

…unless the Web Master himself tells me differently.


~*The Journey Inward*~

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