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Who Cares Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Rich wrote: " ---- magic ---- called making up. thats the fun part."


Now that we've all got the picture, and this one seems to be fairly well ironed out, maybe it's time to drop it and move onto bigger and better things.

Somebody think up something to say.

Where's CharlieJ? Haven't heard from him in awhile and he wuz borned on StatNisland.

Apropos of nothing: I was talking with an official in the East Bay (east of San Francisco Bay) yesterday and I asked her if she were from Back East, as she sounded pretty local to what I call the Greater StatNisland Area. From Connecticut, she replied, and where was I from, she wanted to know. StatNisland, I told her. That's funny, she said, both of my parents were born there.

That's why she sounded like family, I guess.

See, being a StatNislander is in the genes.

I know they're working on trying to eliminate it as soon as possible, but we can't expect miracles.


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