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Who Cares Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu ok use guys and goils. hows about a truce. this stuff is getting too long ta read and i have a reading problem ----

rs, i ain't never wrong. i one of doz guys how is always rite ---- rite?????

(chuckle chuckle)

however, if i belive you are right then it is because you have made a logical argument on the discussion that bears my complement. if i believe you are wrong, then again you have not made a logical argument. i am not insulted when someone takes me to task. i, like you, enjoy a good debate.

an if we always agreed with each other, this site would be dam boering. who needs that.

princess, i see you calmed down thats good.

george, you too. great, now we are one big happy (?????) family again.

oh year ---- one of the reasons my wife and i are still together after 40 years of knowing each other and her being married to me (i didn't change my name) is because when we have a disagreement, we have a discussion about the disagreement. some people would call it fighting or arguing---hell no it is a discussion even if it gets a bit loud. then one or both of us will just walk away. we get back together in a short time and wow ---- magic ---- called making up. thats the fun part.


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