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Who Cares George Jaenicke grjaenicke A lot has been said here by a few regarding my "who cares" post. First let me say that the intent of my post was not to start a war on the site. I read everything posted here (at least I try to) and what I posted was my opinion of what I had been observing here. A complaint heard often here is that the site is slow or the site is down. One of the reasons this occurs is because of the amount of material that is here. This webspace is donated it's not ours and its not of unlimited size. People work and give their time to this site to keep it up and running. maybe some of you out there don't know that.

The point that I was trying to make was that if we kept the chit-chat among individuals as email instead of a post it helps keep the site running smoother. I was hoping that the people that do this would realize that with the "enough already" post, but it didn't work, that is why I posted "who cares".

I didn't post it as a personal attack on anyone I just stated my opinion based on what i had seen posted here.

I do agree with RS that you shouldn't post something when you are angry about it. And DJ, thanks for your follow up posts and

I'm not trying to tell anyone here what he or she should post, all that I am asking is lets use a little common sense and keep stuff that is personal as email rather than as a post here. If we do that the site will load faster run better and be easier to read.

One last thought I disagree with Donna's post that stated "As for presenting something REAL here....well, I've got one all ready and waiting. If "no one" likes or wants the so-called "chatty strings"....then why are they getting so much action??? AND...they're *not* (as was erroneously posted) just two people talking to each other either. There are a variety of posters in them."

They certainly are two people just talking to each other when the post begins with something like "hey so and so" that is personal not part of a string, and that is what "who cares" was all about.


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