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Well, while a couple of the comments up above have been stated with some manner of intelligence (as well as gentleness as opposed to the often seen anger and name calling here) their content none the less, is still of the "opinion" category, although the posters would very much like you to believe otherwise.

The entire lot of us here could debate "likes" and "dislikes" from now till the end of time and I'm sure that we will never come to an agreement about which of them is more exhaulted than the other. We're all different people, with different life situations, different past experiences, and even different present experiences. Not only is our past and present different but I'm sure, upon examination, we would all find that we even have vastly different goals and desires for our respective futures. That we are all coming from different "places" and going to different "places" (with places being a word to signify ~state of being~) is not a news bulletin in and of itself, but the publication here (as in the two posts above) of obvious subjectivity such as supposition, speculation and biased and/or erroneous "conclusions", unfortunately make that fact in need of being presented as though it *were* a News bulletin.

The title of this string is: "Who Cares?" and so I'll answer that. I Care! While this string was presented in question form, the subsequent post shows quite clearly that it is *not* at all one of query. It's actually being used as a platform to promote PERSONAL conclusions based upon the posters own perspective. PERSONAL conclusions are the antithesis of ABSOLUTE conclusions. Absolutes (if they do indeed exist) are conclusions that are universal. Everything else is just.....

...someone else's say so!

With that in mind...

While I'm quite sure that there are indeed a good many web surfers and posters who "hide" behind there handle by taking liberties that they wouldn't in 3D life, that does *not* mean that everyone does it. Not by a long shot and you're reading the words of one of them right now.

Since the above posters gave *their* opinions on the matter of "Who Cares?" I will now give mine.

To me, there are very REAL people behind each and every monitor. I hate to say it cynics and naysayers but I will never view it any other way. Have I ever been duped by someone masquerading behind their handle? I'm sure I have, but you know what? My focus is INWARD not OUTWARD! If someone wants to play games and present a contrived persona to me, let them go for it and may the ~Source~ be with them....because no matter WHAT your perspective is..."hard" science (as in Physics), behavioral science (as in Psychology) or ~Spirituality~.....

Every arena says essentially the same thing...

We ALL reap what we sow!

As for presenting something REAL here....well, I've got one all ready and waiting. If "no one" likes or wants the so-called "chatty strings"....then why are they getting so much action??? AND...they're *not* (as was erroneously posted) just two people talking to each other either. There are a variety of posters in them.

For my conclusion I will say this...

If there is anyone out there that wants to join in the fun that so many of us here are having....c'mon and JUMP RIGHT IN!

For those that either don't like the way the board has been lately or don't want to participate in it when it is that way....

GUESS WHAT??? That's one thing I *don't* care about!

This is a PUBLIC forum and until, or unless, I am personally told by the Web Master here *not* to post certain things or in a certain way I will continue to do so!

Those not liking that very real fact are free to make their own decisions as a result of mine!


~*The Journey Inward*~

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