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Is Your Email Private Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs One of the features of the Constitution that has made it adaptable to changes in society as it advances technologically is that it is written in general terms expressing values that are not themselves spelled out.

The 4th Amendment guaranty against "unreasonable" (not all) search and seizure so people can be "secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects," says you have a valuable right to privacy, even tho' the word doesn't appear. In 1789 they didn't have computers, just papers and effects. Yesterdays papers and effects are todays papers and computers.

So the founders were protecting privacy and we're saying, yeah, extend it to computers, 'cuz that's the kind of people we are and want to remain. That's why Congress is discussing it.

FBI says, "Trust Us" we won't overstep. Yeah, right. Some of my best friends are FBI's, but trust the agency? C'mon, get real.

I have this notion that the laws of human nature have a tendency to overwhelm the laws of society when the temperature rises. Hell, we twisted the Constitution under the heat of Pearl Harbor (considerable) to allow a lot of Americans to be rounded up and put away "for the duration."

This contest between the FBI's desire, and duty, to ferret out crime and our desire not to have them inside our head via the email is a good one to follow and contribute to.

Maybe if we post our views here, they'll read it when they're poking around in our email and we won't even have to write our Congressmen.


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