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Who Cares Diane J Princess DJ You know, maybe my reaction was a bit strong... but as some stated earlier, there is a right to post an opinion and I believe I have as much right as GRJ's.

Again, although I came on a bit strong, I stand by what I say. My reaction was generated for the following reason:

There has bit many bickering battles here at this site. That, in itself sickens me. I stepped away from this site for about a month and 1/2, not only because I was moving, but because it became a very dark and hateful place. But Staten Island is my homeplace and I feel a very strong pull towards many of you. I decided to pop back in here. Things had changed. This place was back to its happy self and I was very happy to be back. Things were light hearted and people (all people)seemed to be getting along.

Then came the initial "Enough already" post which I did ignore (initially). Then the Who cares" post, which did contribute to part of what the author was complaining about. So I stated my opinion. Just as others had.

I tend to see this group as a family and be defensive about the way people treat each other. I think I crossed the line, just a bit, but again, these behind the back jabs and innuendos can really build up and urk a person.

No, I don't believe open communication only belongs to a few. I believe it belongs to everyone, Just as I have stated time and time again.

BTW, Insulting my education has nothing to do with what I posted, it only belittles the author. Although, I most definitely agree with your second post, that we ALL have more to share with each other than trading insults... and it gets sickening that there are 3 to 4 people here who tend to always be ready to slam some, and a half dozen or so who are the sole contributors.. and then the remainder who just lurk and read.. (which is fine, but they should'nt be the ones who complain about the content either).

In conclusion, I believe my reaction could have been stated a bit more eloquently and I should not have made a direct attack on GRJ.
I do however, stand by what I say and for the reasons I say it. I don't think that I should be personally attacked for stating my opinion, any more than GRJ should.

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