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Who Cares Dave Troland trollman I agree with FawCawnahs in that the anonymity fosters or at least allows malevolence. Consider the analogy of driving down the highway and walking through a mall. When you're walking you don't yell at people to get out of your way - "Look out, dammit, I'm walking fast here! MOVE, idiot, MOVE!!!" So why is it that when you're in the security of your car you feel free to flash headlights and blow the horn to get someone out of your way?

The screen name is the equivalent of the car. There's little chance of an actual confrontation so we say whatever we feel like saying, knowing there will be no consequences.

I have often said that humankind has been striving since the beginning to find ways to separate themselves from seeing the results of their own aggressive behaviors. If you look back at history you can easily imagine the "evolution of aggression":

- hand to hand combat
- clubs and sticks
- thrown rocks
- catapults
- pistols and rifles
- cannons
- torpedoes
- bombs
- "Star Wars" technology
- Computer viruses

In each case the aggressor and the victim move further apart, making the aggression seem less "real". So the more we isolate ourselves the more likely we are to fail to consider the consequences of our actions. This is a symptom of our fragmented society, where Efriendships replace actual relationships and there are more personas than persons.


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