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Who Cares Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu princess,

i think you were a bit strong with george. yea george may not like all the stuff being posted --- good, bad and boering --- but he really didn't need to be beat on like that.....

george, your are partically correct, but i believe this site is for anything and everything --- as long as it's is not unreasonable --- like pron an stuff.

i enjoy this board, in fact it really is the only board i post on because of the differences of opinion and the fact i can meet on line at least (meeting harry in person was a rare event) those who are or were staten islanders. even if they don't agree with me and get anoyed with some of my postings.

i read some of the boering stuff then go on to the next. i also read some of the interesting stuff and don't bother to respond, mostly because i buzz in and out of here in my free time, which can be rare...

right now, my time is free because i get to work early, take care of my work e-mail and business, then have a cup of cawfee and a donnut (with a hole in it) and read this site....


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