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Is Your Email Private Richard La Dieu sir rich ladieu george,

i have been following the e-mail debate for some time now. the computer frontier and other organizations involved in computer privacy have been putting out a lot of stuff regarding the government's monitoring of e-mail and computer systems.

rs is correct, a blanket search will not be allowed unless a court issues a warrant. that warrant is suppose to be specific. however, like rs implied --- don't hold your breath.

rs however is partially wrong about the fbi program. it can read the contents of the e-mail if they want to read it --- both sides. that is the real danger here.

example, if joe blow, who is involoved in kiddie pron or druges, decides to send me a message, then my name is on the fbi list just because i received an unsolicited message.

the fbi or other law enforcement agency then has my name and can, technically, begin reading my e-mail and using the i-net, possible get into my computer while i am logged on without my knowledge.

the brew ha-ha on all is this as rs says --- the i-net has changed the rules, but the constitution and bill of rights have not.

it is now up to congress to figure out a way to have the new rules comply with the over-all intentions of our fore fathers who framed the constitution and bill or rights more than 200 years ago.

if you are worried about what the fbi is proposing, and you should be as i am, then you should keep reading all you can on it and get involved at the federal level --- your elected representative --- letting them know exactly how you feel and always ask the question --- who is watching the watch dog???

i know i will be. and i know i am not committee any illegal acts, but i don't like people snooping on me..


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