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Who Cares Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs A fair number of the discussions here tend to go downhill as soon as there's an objection to the form or the content.

Some of them just start out at the bottom of the hill.

A lot of folks take honest disagreement to be a personal putdown.

If we were sharing contrasting views face to face, I don't think we'd behave this way.

The semi-anonymity of this medium seems to encourage the discussions either to degenerate to personal attacks, or to be taken as personal attacks, even when they weren't so intended.

As a frequent contributor who likes to take the discussion one step further, or from a different viewpoint, always with a view towards stimulating a thoughtful reply, I can tell you I've gotten into more than one misunderstanding where someone read more into a post than intended. I've dutifully apologized and tried to tone it down for the next go-around.

It's nice to see others seeking to encourage all of us to raise the tone of the posts-and-replies a little.

This might be a better place to visit if we contained the discussion so it stayed within the realm of what we'd say to one another if we were sharing a meal or a drink together and found that we had different views on politics, manners, tastes, etc. It's no offense to have different views. This place wouldn't be worth visiting at all if we couldn't disagree with one another and still keep the conversation going.

"A word to the wise is sufficient," said Miss Burfield, 7th grade, PS 29, the 1940's.


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