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Who Cares Carol Jones Lorac1 So, where is everybody? Here we go again! Everyone always seems to have an opinion but this situation doesn't seem to be worthy of any postings, very interesting. I think too many have too much time on their hands and nothing better to do then sit at a computer and post whatever enters their minds; boastings, put downs and puffery of themselves. Not too impressed as I haven't read a thing concerning world travels, world events, family vacations, etc. But, enough time is devoted to picking on and putting others down,and bragging about oneself, very boring, unintelligent, and low class to say the least. I am sure we have much more to offer each other than this. The more we boast about ourselves, the less impressive we are to others. So let us get on with it and enjoy life and share our experiences, the good, the bad, the happy and the sad, but as one not adversaries.


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