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Who Cares Diane J Princess DJ On 07/26/2000 9:08:00 AM, grjaenicke wrote:
>Got Up this morning to find 14
>new messages on the board. 9
>of the 14 were the useless
>psychobabble by someone that
>uses this site as a personal
>note pad. Who cares. Does
>anyone really want to read
>this crap? It sure was
>peaceful here for a few

I think you need to get a freaking life and a freaking clue... You seem to have entirely too much time on your hands if you can bitch this much.

Take a break and smell some flowers. Maybe it will put you in a better mood. Geesh.

I don't care who your bitching about... I don't care if it's me or not... As far as I am concerned this place is for people to communicate.

If you don't like it, lump it.

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