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The reason why so few people in the world know Gustav Vigeland is because virtually every statue he made is in that park in Oslo Norway. The obelisk in the center was his last sculpture. It is 47 feet tall and made of one block of gray granite. (It is interesting that this piling on of bodies was created long before any of the images of the Jewish genocide by the Nazis was known. Rather than depicting genocide the obelisk reflects the cycles of life. The figures near the bottom appear still and old while more action and youth is depicted as you go up. The babies at the top were finished and the structure complete shortly before Vigeland died.

"The park contains 192 sculptures with more than 600 figures, all modeled in full size by Gustav Vigeland without the assistance of pupils or other artists. Vigeland also designed the architectural setting and the layout of the grounds."

"The initial point of the park sculptures was the Fountain. A model was presented in 1907 to the city counsel and Gustav Vigeland was commissioned to make a Fountain. But as the time passed and not enough money was raised yet, Vigeland added many more sculptures to the project - granite sculptures that eventually were placed around the later Monolith. In 1924, the City of Oslo decided that the whole project should be fulfilled in the Frogner Park, later called Vigeland Park. In 1931 followed a renewal of the bridge over the Frogner ponds with the addition of numerous sculptures on the parapets and grounds. For the rest of his life, Vigeland continued to model new sculptures for the park until his death in 1943."

The italicized text is quoted from another web page on Vigeland.

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