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win 2000 is more of a network type piece of software, but can also be used as stand-a-lone. if microsoft wants the home/office to upgrade to win2000 that is what it will be used for --- stand-a-lone. in an office it would be used as the network os.

however, i am not impressed with microsoft networking. windows nt is a bear to install and operate. unix if easier to operate once setup. but i prefer novell 5.01. it is simple to setup and manage and extrememly reliable. best network os on the market. you can plug nt and unix networks into it with little or not fan fare.

microsoft has a long way to go especially with reliability and stability.

one more than about win 2000, none of the win98/98/nt software will properly work on it. that is other than office 2000 or wordperfect 2000. i have tested those already.....


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