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This could be dangerous Marguerite Rivas bitchin' violet On 07/25/2000 6:05:00 PM, sir rich ladieu wrote:
>marguerite ---
>really??? wow?? watta name ---
>ya sure ya want dat one
>sir rich

Hey Rich,

I love my new name -- "Bitchin' Violet" has a real StatNisland edge to it, I think. I like the juxtaposition of the two words, "Bitchin" as in good bitchin' Do you know what I mean? Not just kvetching but as in "Wow that new Harley is bitchin'" or "Did you hear that blues man play that last riff, it was bitchin'" kind of like that. I like it with violet, kind of offsets the image of the shrinking violet, yet suggests a delicacy, blooming in the woodlands type thing. Thanks Donna. Great idea.

Bitchin' Violet

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