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Hillary Clinton has only had sideline view Charles Schleininger corsair "Those who believe that Hillary ... stands
no chance of winning a Senate seat from
New York should glance at the existing
congressional delegation, which includes
Charlie Rangel, Nita Lowery, Jerry Nadler
& Chuck Schumer. New York is the place
that forced one of the nation's most
brilliant neoconservative thinkers, Daniel
... Moynihan, to check his convictions at
the door as the price of representing the
state ...

So it's far from impossible for Mrs. Clinton
to succeed there.

Still, it was hard not to notice that flat
Midwestern 'a' in her speech as she
intoned 'Thaaat's why I want to be your
senator' - ... That accent is a reminder that
Hillary ... is no ordinary candidate. In this
first post Bill Clinton election, ... the New
York race ... really about him.

... if Hillary ... is ... elected to the U.S.
Senate, the year 2000 will be called as
the vindication of Clintonism. ...

From the first paragraph of her
announcement speech, Hillary ... showed
the ... capacity to cause listeners to roll
their eyes ... What else ... to make of her
fulsome thanks to 'Bill & Chelsea' for
standing by her? Are we to pretend now
that this is one, small, happy family?

It has always been a bit of a mystery why
Mrs. Clinton is such a figure of veneration
among liberals. ...

Mrs. Clinton is a liberal ... she hates the
right & demonizes it ... that is the appeal
to the left.

She told her handpicked crowd at the
State University of New York in Purchase
that this was the largest crowd she'd
addressed since her college graduation,
& that in the interim she'd become 'a little
blonder' & 'a lot humbler.' The latter
didn't show.

... She decried the glorification of 'guns &
violence' but said not a word about
'vulgarity or sex.'
Hillary ... obtained public approval as her
husbands victum.

She is campaigning as his legatee. She
speaks of 'responsibility' but with every
proposal signals just how contemptuous
she is about citizens. Mrs. Clinton thinks
she has governed when she has only

Now it gets interesting."

M. Charen - Fresno Bee; 10 Feb. 00

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