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Thanks for the info Art. I'll try to catch it. You wouldn't believe how much it hits home. While I'm not positive of the way the show is going to portray everything I think I can guess. Then again maybe not! I guess we shall see. Anyway, the reason that I say it hits home is because JUST YESTERDAY my son took off to Manhattan for the day to take part in what he called "surveys". One of them was suppose to be a form he filled out and the other was a "Retinal Scan". Well, to cut to the chase I did *not* want him to take the scan and not knowing what they were going to be asking on the form I didn't want him to do that one either. His stance was that they "must be safe if they were asking people to do this". My stance was: Are you kidding???

Of course there was much more to our conversation (which ended in an argument naturally)..but the bottom line to it all is that we got into the Philosophy of "Guinea Pigs".

Thanks again! If I'm not home to watch the show when it's on I'll at least try to tape it!

And re the name changes: Yessss *S* It IS fun!!!!

I'll check out your vacation photos later!


~*The Journey Inward*~

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