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Happy Tuesday Diane J Princess DJ No, not bombarding.. but he has definitely been kind... kinder than usual. :)

Oh, announcement time....

I have formally resigned from Microsoft, and have accepted a generous offer from a software company that is about 3 blocks from my new place!!!!

Yeppers... I thought it was a good time to leave the big MS and venture out in a new direction.. :) I will be developing and working with software that helps companies check their email thru their cellular phones.... Right now my new company has just signed up Nokia and Motorola! So big things are ahead for this company!..

I still believe a great deal in the efforts that MS is making... I just think that in some instances they have lost track of the overall objective of the company.. and they have leaps and bounds to grow in their quality assurance....... but overall... they are an upright company...regardless of what Reno says... :)

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