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This could be dangerous Arthur Anderson art-fart artnscience-(at) Well Neal!

You don't suppose my new name could empty out a chat room do you? My wife calls me Art Fay which is pig latin for the word you thought you wouldn't say ;)

Or you could say Smart Art or some other limerick that won't get you hung by my petard.

Oh ok, go ahead and call me WesterFart! making it a pungent fusion of Westerleigh, the higher class neighbor to FawCawnahs but rounding the edges with some pungency would be suitable, besides if I did no one would want to be in my Lee.

As a kid I always seemed to catch nick names. After I went to the rescue of an old Polish couple (The Hudaks) whose admonitions for us to keep our play off their lawn resulted in some mean pranks by my street-mates, these guys decided to merge their envy about my going away for the summer with acknowledgement that they were mad at me for interfering with their insensitive prank by calling me "Ozzu Coodak of the Lacky Wacky"!!!! The etymology of this comes from Osmund my middle name that I persisted in using because I was proud of it. Cooty...we all know how that is used. The Hudaks and reference to my grandparent's summer home on the Lackawaxen River in the poconos. Pretty clever name...if you ask me. Some of my scientist buddies gave me nick names too. One was "Mad Dog" (because I am an MD and I "took" my lab space from the commander when he wasn't looking) and the other was "Boomer" for the same reasons Neal suggests I change my name.

Now, whenever someone used an other than correct name it is a form of flattery. My dad used to go by two nick names; one I knew about and one I wasn't supposed to know about. His name was Arthur also. His nick names were Spike and Hot Farts!

So, what was the positive, affirming thing I was trying to say when I started this reply? was the Norwegian expression that made the discomfort go away. "un kjaert barne het manga name" which means "A beloved child has many names." I guess you can include Art Fart among them even if Neal didn't say it. I love them all.

Smart Art! Art Fart, Art Fay, or WesterFart! which will it be?


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